New York LLC Publication Requirement

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Meet Your New York LLC Publication Requirement for Under $200!

Section 206 of the New York State Limited Liability Company Law requires that anyone forming an LLC in New York State or registering an out-of-state LLC to do business in NY, must publish a notice of that formation or registration in two separate newspapers. The newspapers must be located in the same county where the LLC’s “office” resides. Upon publishing, the newspapers provide the business with an Affidavit of Publication, which can then be sent to the New York Division of Corporations along with a Certificate of Publication

By hiring us as their New York registered agent service, many of our clients list our commercial address as their office address in order to publish in Albany County and save thousands of dollars in publication costs.

When hiring us to form your New York LLC or be your registered agent, we list our county address as yours, and thus you can publish in our two papers in Albany which will cost you under $200 TOTAL in publication fees. For reference, people in New York City pay upwards of $1500 to publish.

Even if your main business operations will be in NYC or anywhere in the state with high publication costs, there’s no reason to list that address as the county for publication reasons. We’re talking about an archaic requirement from many decades ago that no longer makes sense in our modern digital world — nonetheless, New York LLC publication requirements still exist.

Here’s How You Can Save Yourself More Than a $1000 Forming an LLC in New York:

Hire Us to Form Your NY LLC

We can file your Articles of Organization and have your NY LLC formed for only $349 total. That includes the Articles of Organization filing, NY LLC operating agreement, initial resolutions, NY LLC membership certificates, one year of our registered agent service, and use of our address for publication purposes.

We’ll be your New York registered agent for only $49 per year after that, or you can cancel our services without any kind of cancellation fee, the best price in the industry.

Hire the Newspapers in Albany to Publish

Once you’re signed up, you’ll have access to Legal Notification Templates in your online account. The NY LLC publication templates can be sent to the two newspapers in our county to meet your LLC publication requirement. When we form your LLC, you can use our address as the location of your business office, no matter where your company is located. We provide the shortest and cheapest template, along with how to order from the newspapers. We get NY LLCs completed in basically 1-2 days depending on the time of day you place an order.

Send Proof to the NY Division of Corporations

After the newspapers are done with the publications, they send us proof of the publication. We upload this into your account, and you send in the proof of publication filing to the New York Division of Corporations. There’s a specific form you send in with the print out of the newspaper receipt that the newspapers send you and us. This form is called a New York Certificate of Publication. It’s also in your online account at all times.

You’re Done!

So what’s the rub? Well, you hired us to be your registered agent. We charge $49 a year.

So you have a couple options. If you don’t like having us as your registered agent, you can file a change of address form called a New York Certificate of Change. In full disclosure, this form costs $30 to file. Most people do not file this.

There are a lot of reasons to use our registered agent service. Mainly, when you list your address on your company filing with the New York Secretary of State, you create a permanent public record of where you’ve lived and had your business. For $49 a year, your company shows stability year after year and ten years from now, your competitors, your clients, your vendors, or someone you are potentially going to sell your company to, won’t be able to easily see that you rented a crappy office in the wrong part of town and you haven’t always looked as high end as you look now. Why show the world that instability?

But the biggest reason is that if you don’t hire a registered agent, the New York Secretary of State will deliver service of process to you by mail. How trustworthy is getting legal notices by mail? How overworked is the Secretary of State’s office? Do you really believe they will get you your important legal documents in a timely manner?

We scan all documents in real time to you from our Albany office. There are a lot of other reasons we’ve highlighted here about our New York Registered Agent service — why not sign up now?