New York Business Address



Privacy is important. So your New York business address matters.

If you own a business and work from home, you’ve probably faced the dilemma of finding an address for your business that won’t compromise your personal privacy. But getting a separate office space in New York can cost a frickin’ fortune, and a P.O. Box won’t cut it on state forms.

So now you’re stuck because you don’t want to fork over a bunch of dough for an office you might never use, and a P.O. Box is pointless when you can’t put it on public filings… what gives??



Two employees of New York Registered Agent sort through mail in the Albany office.

Hey. Snap out of it. We got you covered.


We own a building here in Albany, and when you sign up for our Registered Agent Service, we’ll give you our address for FREE. It couldn’t be easier to save a fortune, and keep your personal address off the books.


Yes – I Want My Privacy


Need to receive mail at this address? No problem. We also offer a variety of Mail Forwarding Services:

FREE (with
Agent Service)
Mail Forwarding
Base Package
Mail Forwarding
Virtual Office
NY Address with Unique Suite Number Address Only x x x
Unlimited Virtual Storage* x x x x
Safe Document Shredding x x x x
Junk Mail Filtering x x x x
Instant Digital Access to Mail x x x x
Phone Service 90-Day Free Trial 90-Day Free Trial 90-Day Free Trial x
Office Lease x
Document Limit 3 +10 +25 Unlimited
Conference Room Access x x x Option to Rent
Price FREE $49/year $99/year $19/month

*physical documents shredded after 60 days

  • Registered Agent Service includes all your state and legal mail, plus 3 free document scans per year of regular business mail.
  • Mail Forwarding document limits are in addition to your 3 free documents with RA Service (so that’s 13 documents with our Base Package and 28 documents with Premium).

Choose Your Mail Package


Can I use this business address for my LLC in New York?

Absolutely! When you hire us as your registered agent, you can use our address when forming your LLC with the New York Secretary of State. You can even list our address on your business documents, like business cards, letterhead and website.

Need mail at this address? We can do that, too. Just sign up for our New York Mail Forwarding Service. Or, if you get a lot of mail, consider New York Virtual Office.

What’s the difference between a business address and a registered agent address?

The address of your registered agent is where you’ll receive service of process—like legal notices—from the state. Your business address is where you’ll receive regular business mail, like contracts and documents from partners, clients, loan providers and sometimes even spammers.

Don’t like spam? Neither do we! When you have New York Mail Forwarding, we’ll trash all your junk mail so you never have to see it.

Can I receive physical mail at my New York business address?

When you hire us for Registered Agent Service, we’ll automatically scan up to 3 pieces of regular mail to your online account. However, if you want to use our New York Business Address as your mailing address, you’ll need Mail Forwarding. All three of our full-service Mail Forwarding options include a suite number, which gives your company its own unique mailing address.