New York Virtual Office

Mail Solutions for a New York Problem


New York Virtual Office is a simple solution to an expensive and annoying problem. The problem? Your business mail has to go somewhere. But maintaining a separate office isn’t affordable for most small businesses. And slapping your home address and phone number on everything from public filings to business cards isn’t a great alternative. So what can you do?


Two employees of New York Registered Agent LLC sort mail in the Albany office.


An employee of New York Registered Agent LLC sorts mail in the Albany office.


Easy. Save some cash, protect your personal information, and sign up for one of our New York mail or virtual office options.

We own our own building.

So, when you use our services, our address is your address.

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Our New York Virtual Office and Mail Options

Our virtual office and mail options. Just the choose the best one for you:

Open & Scan Base Package Privacy Package Base Package Open & Scan Virtual Office Privacy Package Virtual Office The Ultimate
NY Address with Unique Suite Number x x x x x
Unlimited Virtual Storage* x x x x x
Safe Document Shredding x x x x x
Junk Mail Filtering x x x x x
Instant Digital Access to All Mail x x x
Mail Privately Forwarded Weekly x x
Phone Service x x x
Office Lease x x x
Monthly Document Limit 20 20 100 100 500
Monthly Price $19.99 $49.99 $39.99 $69.99 $149.99

*physical documents shredded after 60 days

  • Open & Scan Package means we open your document, scan the contents, and upload it to your online portal where you can view it instantly.
  • Privacy Package means we don’t open your mail. We scan and upload the envelope so you can see what’s coming and forward you the physical mail on a weekly basis.

Base packages include a New York address with a unique suite number. Virtual office packages add on a phone number and office lease.

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Benefits of a New York Virtual Office

Still not sure if you need virtual office features for your New York business? Here are a few points to consider. Our virtual office and mail is:


Spending hundreds or thousands on office space a month doesn’t make sense if all you really need is your own business address, and maybe a New York phone number or lease agreement. Our packages start at just $19.99/mo.


Rents have been rising like crazy. Many people can’t stay in one place for long. And every time you move, it means a new address. Updating your website. Ordering new letterhead and business cards. Notifying the Secretary of State. Reaching out to clients. But we own our building, and we’re here to stay. With our mail options, you can move all you want and maintain the same business address.

Convenient & Secure

Not always there to collect the mail? With our Open & Scan options, you can view your documents from anywhere right away on your own personal device. And with our Privacy options, you always know what’s coming and when.


No P.O. Boxes, fly-by-night addresses, or residential neighborhoods. All our packages come with an Albany address and a unique suite number located in a nice commercial building we own.


With a business address, you can keep your personal address…well, personal. No need for the world to know where you live just because you started a business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which NY Virtual Office package should I choose?

Which virtual office or mail package you choose depends on a couple things: how much mail you expect to receive, whether you want us to open your mail or not, and if you need a phone number and office lease. Our options allow you to mix and match based on your preferences and your budget.

And if you need it all? With our Ultimate package, we’ll open and scan up to 500 documents every month, and give you a business phone number and office lease agreement.

Do these options include package forwarding?

No, our mail options do not include package forwarding.

How does the Virtual Office phone number work?

You get a New York phone number, unlimited calls and SMS texts, and voicemail. We use a VoIP (internet-based) service. It’s like having another phone with no need to buy another device. You can access the virtual phone through any browser. Calls can easily be forwarded to any US number.

How does the office lease agreement work?

When you sign up for one of our Virtual Office package options, you receive a New York office lease agreement. Having an office lease in the state can help establish your business in New York without tying you up in an expensive contract.