Start an LLC in New York

A local registered agent will make it effortless.

Getting an LLC in New York is easy.

Starting an LLC
in New York is easy.

All it takes is seven simple steps.

We’ll walk you through the forms you need to file with the state, answer frequently asked questions, and cover everything you need to know to successfully get your New York LLC started.

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The easiest way to register an LLC in New York is to have a New York registered agent do it for you.

We’re here in Albany, in our own building, and we communicate with the secretary of state’s office daily.

Alternatively, you can do it yourself. And we can show you how.

Follow the steps below to learn how to start your very own LLC in NY. Or let us file for you.

1. Decide Who Will Form Your LLC


The first thing you need to do when starting an LLC in New York is make a decision: will you hire a professional service to create your LLC or are you going to do it yourself? Our NY LLC formation guide is primarily built for those want to know how to form an LLC on their own, but we’d be remiss not to call out your options.


Benefits of hiring a professional:

  • Save time, worry less: If you hire a company to form your NY LLC, the process should be simple. Enter personal contact and business details, pay the company service fees and state fees, and in one to two business days, your LLC should be registered with the state.

Pro tip: New York has 1-day online filings by default. If a company is asking for expedite fees on starting an LLC in NY, they’re squeezing you for extra money.

  • You should be provided supplemental company documents: The company you hire should provide an LLC operating agreement, bank resolution to open a bank account and other formal documents, and at the very least, a detailed guide to the LLC publication requirement.

Benefits of forming an LLC yourself:

  • You save money: Cost savings is primary benefit of starting a NY LLC yourself. No extra money paid out to a 3rd party. You keep that money and spend it how you like. And fortunately for you, forming an LLC in New York isn’t complicated, but it is very particular.

Keep reading to learn how to start your LLC in New York by yourself.

2. Choose your LLC Name


Choosing a name for your LLC is important for an obvious reason: it’s the name the world will associate with your company.

That may sound like a lot of pressure, and while it’s great to start with your forever LLC name, you can always come back make an LLC amendment or file a DBA with the state to do business under a different name. Name selection doesn’t need to be set in stone.

What’s actually most important is that your desired NY LLC name is available.


How to check if your name is available:


There are two ways to check name availability in New York.

  1. The first and simplest way to search business name availability is to go to the New York Corporation and Business Entity Database. Search by entity name and select Limited Liability Company entity list. Then just enter your desired LLC name and you’ll see if someone else has already formed an LLC under that name. Keep searching until you find a satisfactory result.
  2. The second and more official LLC name availability search is done when you actually begin the Articles of Organization online. The first step is to enter your preferred LLC name and the state will automatically check its availability in its database.

Before you begin the articles of organization online, however, you’ll need to obtain a login ID. Obtaining this is a straightforward process, but it will require email verification.


New York LLC name requirements:

  • The name of the limited liability company must contain the words: “Limited Liability Company” or one of the following abbreviations, “LLC” or “L.L.C.” These are typically called a designator.
  • You can’t use certain words or phrases like “Bank,” “University,” and similar words that make it sound like your LLC is an official institution without prior approval from certain state boards.
  • The LLC name must also be distinguishable from all other registered LLCs, corporations, and partnerships.

The state database will perform a cursory approval (only takes a couple seconds) before allowing you to proceed with your preferred LLC name.


Should I make an LLC name reservation?


Reserving an LLC name prior to filing may actually complicate and slow down starting your LLC. In our non-legal, non-lawyer opinion, we don’t recommend doing a name reservation in New York.


Should I register a DBA?


New Yorkers often register a Certificate of Assume Name (commonly known as a DBA) for their LLC because it allows for franchising and branding opportunities. If you’re interested in registering an assumed name, you can select our Trade Name Service inside your account after signing up for our LLC formation service. We will register your LLC’s assumed name for $125 plus state fees.

3. Select a NY Registered Agent


New York is the one of the only states in the US where having a registered agent for your LLC is optional. The state by default receives all lawsuits (service of process) and will forward those documents to an individual indicated on the articles of organization. New York charges no additional fees for this service.

The only requirement to have New York handle your service of process is that the individual or company listed on the articles of organization must reside in a US state or territory. That means non-US citizens starting an LLC in New York will likely need to hire a registered agent.

But there are plenty of reasons why hiring an NY registered agent could be a good idea.


Why hire a registered agent in New York:

  1. Savings
    Saving money on startup fees is the major reason why many LLC owners hire a New York registered agent. After you form an LLC in New York, you are required to publish notices in two local newspapers (a daily and a weekly) for six consecutive weeks within 120 days of formation. If your LLC is in New York City, that could very well mean upwards of $1000 in publication costs. However, if you hire a registered agent prior to registering your LLC in New York, you can list the agent’s address on your formation documents and publish in their town’s local paper, saving you hundreds, if not more.
  2. Privacy
    If you hire a registered agent, you can list their contact information instead of your home address on your LLC’s formation documents. This is helpful for a lot of reasons, but namely, it would be easy for a potential client to search company information on the New York website and find your home address. That’s not ideal for many people, so they hire a registered agent.
  3. Convenience
    Every registered agent should provide clients with an online account that provides document tracking and storage, LLC maintenance requirements and deadlines, as well as online notifications. This online access simplifies operating an LLC in New York.

How much does a NY registered agent cost?


Hiring a registered agent in New York could cost you anywhere from $49 to $500. But this is one case where we don’t believe extra money actually gets you more.

4. Register Your LLC with New York State


To register an LLC in New York, you need to complete the state’s LLC Articles of Organization. You can do this online in a matter of minutes. Follow along below and we’ll walk you through completing the Articles of Organization online:


a. Begin the New York Articles of Organization


First, you’ll need to go to the New York Department of State website to complete the articles of organization. Once there, scroll down to select “Apply Online as an owner.”


Register your LLC with New York State: Apply Online as an Owner


Pro tip: On the state website, you may see information about filing times and expedite fees. Those times and fees are for paper filings. Online filings are automatically expedited.


b. Login Credentials


After selecting, “Apply Online as an owner, you will be taken to a screen that prompts you to either enter your ID login or to create a login.


Register Your LLC with New York State: ID Login

Creating a login is simple. You will need to enter your name and email and then complete the email verification process.

After you’ve created your credentials, log in to officially get started on the Articles of Organization.


c. Name Determination


The first step to completing the New York Articles of Organization online is to enter your preferred LLC name. Remember to add the LLC name ending on any name you enter.


Register Your LLC with New York State: Name Determination


If the LLC name you’ve entered is already in use, you’ll see a red bar and the company’s information below.

Once you find an available LLC name, re-enter the name of your LLC exactly as listed and select “Save & Continue.”


d. Name Verification, County


On this step you will be asked whether you want to include some optional clauses with formal language in your articles of organization.


Register Your LLC with New York State: Name Verification


Then you will be asked to confirm whether there are any non-English words in your LLC name. If so, you will be asked to translate the word(s) into English.


Register Your LLC with New York State: Limited Liability Company Name


The final question on this page asks which county your LLC will be located in. The county you list will be the county in which you’ll be required to publish LLC notification in two local newspapers. So, if you’re going to hire a registered agent that will let you list their address on your articles, make sure you list the county in which the registered agent is located.


e. Service of Process, Registered Agent


As mentioned above, New York is the only state in the US that does not require you to appoint a registered agent. The state will handle your service of process on behalf of your company for no additional charge.


Register Your LLC with New York State: Service of Process, Registered Agent


If you do elect to have the state handle your service of process, simply list your name and address and you can skip listing a registered agent. The only downsides are a loss of privacy and loss of ability to use a registered agent address for potential publication savings, as you’ll have to list your name and address in this section if you elect to have the state handle any LLC service of process notifications.

If you decide to hire a registered agent, the state website features a dropdown menu that let’s you select your registered agent from a list.


Register Your LLC with New York State: Service of Process


After making the selection, the fields will pre-populate with your agent’s information.


f. Optional Statements


This tab is filled with optional statements to be included in your articles of organization.


Register Your LLC with New York State: Optional Statements


This is purely personal preference where you can list:

  • the management structure of the LLC without listing the names of responsible managers.
  • a delayed formation date if you do not want your LLC registered the day you file
  • a set date of dissolution if you will be using the LLC for only a short period of time (some people do this for real estate deals).
  • an indemnification statement. This statement does not necessarily afford you any increased limited liability.

To include any of the statements listed above, simply click the check box and that section will be included in your Articles of Organization.


g. Organizer Attestation


An LLC organizer is the person or entity completing the articles. All you need is name and date.


Register Your LLC with New York State: Organizer Attestation


h. Filer Attestation


As a likely redundancy, you’ll need to list the name of the person filing the articles. The filer can be the same name as the organizer.


Register Your LLC with New York State: Filer Attestation


i. Submit Payment


To complete the articles of organization, you can pay the $200 state fee with electronic check or any major credit card.


Register Your LLC with New York State: Payment


How much does it cost to start a New York LLC?


The state of New York charges a $200 filing fee when you form your LLC online. Paper filings can potentially pay more if you select any expedite options.


How long does it take to complete the New York LLC Articles of Organization online?


Assuming you know your preferred name and whether or not you’ll hire a registered agent, completing the articles of organization will likely take you about 15 minutes. The NY Department of State will send you a confirmation email that your LLC has been created several minutes later.

5. Complete the New York LLC Publication Requirement


Once you file your NY Articles of Organization, the clock is ticking. You have exactly 120 days to publish a total of 48 newspaper ads in two newspapers in the county where your LLC was formed.

We know. The NY LLC publication requirement is bonkers. It’s also expensive, depending on where you’re registered. New York City LLCs are looking at upwards of $1,500. But we have a solution. Hire us to serve as your registered agent or form your NY LLC, and you can use the address of our office in Albany, which is one of the cheapest places to publish in the state. With your business registered in Albany, you’ll pay less than $200 – TOTAL – in publication fees. After you publish, the newspaper will send you an Affidavit of Publication. You’ll use it to file the Certificate of Publication ($50) with the Department of State.

6. Create an LLC Operating Agreement


An LLC operating agreement is just what it sounds like: an agreement on how the LLC is going to operate. You don’t have to file it with the NY Department of State, but you do need to have one.

A good operating agreement will include basic info about your LLC, but it should also get into the nitty gritty. How much money are members contributing? How will profits and losses be allocated? What if a member wants out? And how will you handle it if — God forbid — things go south and you need to dissolve?

Hashing it out over pizza is great, but you need to get it in writing. With our LLC formation service, you get a free, attorney-drafted operating agreement.

Need somewhere to store your operating agreement and other business documents? We offer a variety of corporate books to keep you organized. We also have custom embossing seals.

7. Get an EIN


An Employee Identification Number (EIN), also sometimes called a FEIN, is a nine-digit number assigned to your LLC by the IRS.


Do I need an EIN?


Probably. If you’re a single-member LLC with no employees and no need to pay excise taxes, you can technically use your Social Security number. Otherwise, you need an EIN. The law might not require you to get an EIN, but your bank will.


How do I get an EIN for my NY LLC?


You can apply online and get an EIN instantly.

8. File A Beneficial Ownership Information Report

Most limited liability companies in the US have to file what’s known as a BOI report with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). This requirement is part of the Corporate Transparency Act, which goes into effect January 1, 2024.* At that time, all qualifying companies will have 30 days after formation to submit a BOI report. (Though companies formed in 2024 have 90 days.) This filing is free.

Your BOI report must include information about all beneficial owners (someone who has a major stake in the company or at least 25% ownership) and at least one company applicant (the person who filed to form the company, and — if different — the person who ordered the filing to be made). Beneficial owners and company applicants must provide:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Residential address
  • Copy of an accepted form of photo ID

Some companies in highly regulated industries, like finance, are exempt — but for the vast majority of LLCs, this report is essential. The good news is: the information you include will NOT be made public.

* If you formed your company before January 1, 2024, you have until 2025 to file your initial BOI report.

Forming an LLC in NY: FAQ

New York LLC FAQ

Are there ongoing fees for a New York LLC?

Yes. All LLCs must file a Biennial Statement ($9) every other year, as well as an Annual Filing Fee based on their tax status and annual income. If your LLC files taxes as a disregarded entity, your Annual Filing Fee will be $25. If you file as a partnership, you’ll pay somewhere between $25 and $4,500, depending on your gross income. To see a breakdown of fees, visit the Department of Taxation and Finance.


Do LLCs pay taxes in New York?

Yes. While LLCs don’t have to pay corporate taxes, they still have to pay what’s known as an Annual Filing Fee using Form IT-204-LL. And of course, there are state and local taxes that apply to certain businesss and activities, such as state, city, and district sales and use taxes.


Can I be my own registered agent in New York?

Yes. Technically, the state will be your registered agent by default. But you can add yourself as an additional point of contact with the state when your file your articles. In this case, the state will reach out to you directly when legal notices and state documents need to reach your company.

Not okay with putting your name and address on a permanent public filing—but still don’t want to wait on the state for important notices? Another option is to hire a registered agent service, like us.

Can you file my company’s BOI report for me?

Definitely. Whether we form your business or simply serve as your registered agent, you can hire us to file your BOI report. Look, nobody wants to take on another task, but that’s extra true in complicated, paperwork-heavy New York. That’s why we make sure we’re experts in all the things you don’t want to do. The best part? We only charge $9 for BOI Report Filing.


What if I need a business website?

Our New York LLC package includes your own business domain, free for a year, along with a website, email, SSL, and phone service, each free for 90 days. You can have your entire online business presence ready to go in a few minutes.


At the end of the day, the easiest way to register an LLC in New York is to have a New York registered agent do it for you.

We know the ins and outs of New York LLCs, and as your registered agent, we’re there for your business each and every day.

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