New York Biennial Statement

Why Hire NYRA to File Your Biennial Statement?

Because it makes your life easier.

When something is due every other year, it’s easy to forget about it—especially when your business is going gangbusters, as yours surely will be two years from now. The last thing you want is to lose your good standing with the state because you forgot to fill out a form. We’ll do it on time—one less thing to have to think about.

Because it protects your privacy.

Whoever fills out the Biennial Statement has to provide a name, title, and email address. That goes on the public record for all of eternity. Or at least until someone can figure out a way to get something off the internet after it’s been posted there. Hire us, and we’ll put our information there. Come at us, spammers and marketers!

Because we know New York.

For better or worse, New York is a different animal. You can hire some ginormous national outfit for business compliance, but are they going to know about all the bonkers New York business regulations like we do? We can see the New York Secretary of State’s office from our break room. We know what’s up.

How Our Biennial Statement Filing Service Works

Hire us to serve as your registered agent or form your business, and you can add on Biennial Statement Filing for $100 plus state fees. We won’t charge you now, though, because we don’t see any reason to be hanging onto your cash for two years. Instead, 90 days before your Biennial Statement is due, we’ll send you a reminder. Five days later, we’ll file your Biennial Statement and charge you.

If you decide you want to cancel, you can do so anytime with just one click in your account. Easy.

NY Biennial Statement FAQs

Do you have to file a Biennial Statement?

Yes. It’s required to keep your business in good standing. If you don’t, your business’s status will be changed to “past due.” It’s not a good look.

Past due businesses have trouble doing pretty much anything—getting permits or licenses, expanding into other states, and maintaining the trust of customers who look up your business record online.

Worried you’ll forget? When you hire us, we’ll keep track of when your Biennial Statement is due and remind you. We can even file it for you.

Where do I file my Biennial Statement?

You can only file the New York Biennial Statement online via the state’s e-Statement Filing System.

How much does the Biennial Statement cost?

It costs $9 to file the New York Biennial Statement, even if you’re past due.

Who files a Biennial Statement in New York?

New York LLCs and corporations file the New York Biennial Statement.

When is the Biennial Statement due?

The New York Biennial Statement is due on the last day of your anniversary month every other year. Say what? It’s okay, we hate riddles too. Your anniversary month is the month you filed to form your business with the state. You need to file by the end of that month two years later. So if you filed to form a corporation or LLC in January 2020, you’ll need to file your Biennial Statement by January 31st, 2022.

How long does it take for the state to process my Biennial Statement?

Biennial Statements are filed online, so processing is immediate! Welcome to the future.