NYS Incorporation

How To Incorporate In NY

Come up with a name for your New York corporation

Even if you already have a sweet name picked out for your New York corporation, the first thing that you should do is check if your desired name is actually available. You can see if your name is available using the New York Department of State Division of Corporation’s business database. All New York corporations’ registered names must include one of the following or an abbreviation: “Corporation,” “Incorporated,” “Incorporation,” or “Limited.” If you have already decided on a name and are not ready to form your New York corporation yet, you can file an Application for Reservation of a Name with the NY Division of Corporations for $20 that will hold your name for 60 days at a time.

Complete Certificate of Incorporation

The document you need to file to incorporate in NY is called a Certificate of Incorporation. The form is filed with the New York Division of Corporations and can be filed through the mail or online for a fee of $125. Upon filing for incorporation in New York, you are also taxed on the amount of shares that you will be divvying out to your stock holders. Most New York corporations are formed with 200 shares at no par value which amounts to $10 worth of shares tax and brings your filing total to $135.

The Certificate of Incorporation must have the following information included:

  • The name of your New York corporation
  • The county your corporation will be located in
  • The name and address of your New York corporation’s registered agent
  • The filer’s name and address

If you’ve already registered in another state, you don’t need to incorporate again. Instead, you’ll need to submit a different form, a Certificate of Authority for a New York foreign corporation.

Find a Registered Agent

Every New York corporation must have an appointed New York registered agent that resides in New York. The point of having a registered agent is having someone reliable to accept legal documents on your New York corporation’s behalf. You can list the New York Department of State as your registered agent, but you can also appoint any NY resident, LLC, or corporation to act as your registered agent.

Get Started

Establish your New York Corporation's records

Compared to other business entities, a New York corporation needs to keep stricter records and house them at it’s principal office. These records are collected in a Corporate Records Book, which should include all stock certificates and their stubs, as well as the minutes of director and shareholder meetings. It’s also a good idea to keep a copy of your formation documents as well as your corporate bylaws. A well organized 3-ring binder should do the trick, but New York Registered Agent offers some slick Corporate Kits with online templates and storage for our clients as well.

Iron Out Your New York Corporation’s Bylaws

Your New York corporation’s bylaws are the basic outline for how you will operate your business. Although you do not file them with the New York Division of Corporations, it’s important that you have a well-made set of corporate bylaws in order to show banks and creditors that you’re legitimate.

Gather Your New York Corporation’s Crew

Now that you’ve come this far, you will need to have your corporation’s board of directors meet. At this meeting it will be important to:

  • Appoint corporate officers
  • Adopt the bylaws you’ve already drafted
  • Choose where you’ll be banking
  • Prepare to issue stock
Issue Stock for Your New York Corporation

After you’ve decided on the issuance of your New York corporation’s stock at your board meeting, it’s time to divvy it out. Most small businesses issue paper stock certificates. You should also keep a ledger of all stock that is issued and to whom it is issued to. New York Registered Agent LLC offers our clients a Corporate Kit that is complete with stock certificates and a ledger. Most corporations are initially set up with 200 shares with no par value.

NYRA’s Zero-Frustration Incorporation Package

You’re right, “zero-frustration” is the single lamest thing we could rhyme with “incorporation.” Our bad. We could think up a better name, but this one’s pretty accurate. You can totally use the steps above to incorporate your own business in New York, but if you want to save yourself some paperwork and all the hassle that accompanies it, there are better options than the big-name legal sites.

Service Fee
New York State Filing Fee $125
Our Incorporation Service Fee $100
One Year Registered Agent Service $49
Total $274

As you can see, we handle those state fees for you, so at the end of the day, $149 gets you more than the other guys, for a lot less money.

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We’re not here to tell you that it’s a must to hire someone to help you incorporate in New York. However, we are here to tell you that choosing NYRA LLC has some serious perks. We help you knock out your corporate bylaws, and remind you when your biennial statement is due.