Don't Be A Sucker!

About New York Registered Agent

We knew when starting this registered agent and business formation company that New York operates a little differently. Starting a business in the center of civilization isn’t cheap, and there is a ton of paperwork to wade through. There’s more red tape to deal with in New York than in most other states, but in that cluster of red tape we saw an opportunity for business owners.

In order to be number one, we knew we’d have to go beyond amazing registered agent and business formation services. We’d have to research every provision possible to create the cleanest, cheapest business formation and legal compliance services in New York.

So that’s what did—all without sacrificing an ounce of legal accuracy or state compliance. We just took a different approach and it paid off. The big corporations that offer the same services only care enough to eventually complete your order. They don’t care about minimizing your state fees or shortening your filing times because they’re too preoccupied with shareholders’ meetings and selling client data. The worst part is they sneak in additional fees before checkout. We don’t do that here. All of our service rates are listed upfront, and we’re the cheapest service you’ll find anywhere. On top of that, no one is faster at getting documents processed.

We’ve seen way too many entrepreneurs get suckered by New York’s business statutes, as well as by our competitors. It’s a damn shame, and it’s why we do things a little differently…


The Hook-Up Price

We don’t have the overhead our competitors do, but we do have better heads on our shoulders. That’s why you’re paying less for better service. $49 isn’t just the introductory price. Our prices never change, with no hidden fees, and no up-sells.

$49 a year for our unparalleled New York registered agent service and all the perks that come with it?


Document Dexterity

If we are your registered agent, you’re going to be receiving your vital documents wicked quick. We’re fast because we keep our services simple. We receive your documents and immediately scan them into your encrypted personal online account for your viewing. After that, we send you a notification that you have new documents, and we file your original documents away in a safe place should you ever request them. A lot of that raw speed comes from the fact that we’re not bogged down by dealing with 49 other states like some of our competitors. We’re not really into bragging though…

Location, Location, Location

We just told you how quick we are about scanning documents into your account. If only there was a way that we could speed up how long it takes for them to be mailed to us from the Secretary of State? Yup, that’s a rhetorical question. That’s because our office is conveniently catty-corner to the Secretary of State’s office. We sent the intern to get an accurate step count between us and them, and he came back with 942. Next winter we’ll probably send him a few more times so we can take a decent average. We’re dedicated to cutting down your filing times, even if it just ends up being a postal day or two. Waiting is for suckers.

Publication Perks

If you’re trying to start an LLC in New York City, you’re gonna need every dollar of your start-up cash to last as long as possible. It’s a good thing that New York’s Secretary of State goes above and beyond to save entrepreneurs money—except that they don’t… at all. New York’s business statutes are so antiquated that Indiana Jones wants to steal them and put them in a museum. We’re talking about the New York LLC Publication requirements. They dictate you publish a total of 48 ads in the the county that your business’s office is located in.

If you’re trying to set up shop in any of NYC’s counties, those publication costs are obscene. Using our service can save you upwards of $1,000. Not even joking.

Compliance, Down To A Science

All New York business entities need to file their Biennial Statement every two years following their formation. It can be easy to forget, but that’s why we’ve got your back. We automatically monitor and notify you of any filings that are due soon. We also provide scores of tips and guides to help you file properly when the time comes.