As New Yorkers starting a registered agent and business formation company, we knew that New York operates differently. Starting a business in the center of civilization isn’t cheap, and there’s more red tape than in most other states. But in that cluster of red tape, we saw an opportunity for business owners.

To be number one, we’d have to go beyond simply amazing registered agent and business formation services:



New York Registered Agent office building in Albany.

The building we own in Albany, NY.

  • We’d have to buy a building to offer real, in-house business address, mail forwarding and virtual office services.
  • We’d have to research every provision to create the cleanest, cheapest business formation and legal compliance services in New York.

So that’s what we did.


We’ve seen way too many entrepreneurs get suckered by New York’s business statutes, and hoodwinked by competitors. It’s a shame, and it’s why we do things differently.



Local Means Affordable

While the big national corporations offer similar services, all they care about is ticking boxes, completing your order, and taking your money. They don’t care about minimizing your fees or shortening your filing times. But we do.

We’re in Albany for a reason. Not only are we just a few blocks from the capitol where we file your paperwork. But being in Albany allows us to keep our rates low as we’re not paying out the nose for rent. Our prices are low and that’s where they’ll stay.



New York Registered Agent - Working at the Office

“Having Laughter in the workplace, leads to people who are happy to go to work everyday. And I am happy every day to be able to help people in our job.”

– Isaac M.


Privacy Over Profits

We’re not above making money. We’re a business after all. But we’re not in the business of selling out our clients to pad the bottom line.

When you hire New York Registered Agent, we’ll never sell your data or extend you offers for unnecessary add-ons from our “partners” who resell your info, spam you with ads, and sneak in hidden fees.



Registered Agent at New York Registered Agent

“Coming into work knowing that I have a hand in making dreams come true has been one of the most uniquely enjoyable experiences of my life.”

– Tiffany S.

All of our service rates are listed upfront, and we’re the lowest-priced service you’ll find anywhere. See for yourself below:


“Knowing that every little thing we do for someone is helping them to achieve a dream of having their own company is the greatest joy.”

– Shawn R.



New York Registered Agent - Office Interior

Inside our office in Albany, N.Y.