New York Registered Agent LLC is the New Yorker's Registered Agent Service.

If you’re forming a New York LLC, incorporating a New York Corporation, or registering to do business in New York, we can help. The New York Secretary of State (SOS) will be designated for all companies registered in NY to receive service of process. It’s critical to list a reliable registered agent service like New York Registered Agent LLC as your representative with the Secretary of State on the documents you file such as the articles of organization, certificate of incorporation, or the application for authority for an out of state business so that your legal notices will go to a reliable address. Many people move on a regular basis or are in buildings with unreliable mail service. By using a service like ours, you get reliability and stability for your important legal notices, as well as privacy.

About New York Registered Agent LLC

We are a New York registered agent service that helps both in and out of state businesses register to do business in New York State. We also help keep local businesses in good standing with the New York Corporations Division by acting as your registered agent. We will send you timely reminders to file your biennial reports, and you can always track your due dates in your online registered agent account. We track your company’s status and send you reminders based on your specific company. You will have a biennial statement due on the last day of the month you registered in. It’s important to have a New York registered agent that will help you accurately maintain your company. When you do something one time every other year, it’s hard to remember it.

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Domestic New York LLC

Domestic New York LLCs cost $200 to file. New York corporations cost a minimum of $135 to file (additional fees apply based on the number of shares and the par value). All domestic entities appoint the New York Secretary of State to receive service of process and legal notice. You must list a name and address with the NY SOS to then get these notices sent to. It’s critical that you provide the NY SOS with a permanent, reliable address where you can get mail reliably. Our clients do not want a permanent record of where they’ve lived filed with their corporate companies. Our clients worry about getting a law suit delivered to them from a mail room in a skyscraper. We’re in Albany down the street from the NY Secretary of State, so we get these notices very fast and scan them to your online account so you can get them in real time during the day instead of after hours in a mailbox you get mail in sometimes.

You can make these corporate filings by submitting the forms and a check payment to the New York Division of Corporations at the address listed on all the state forms. You can also walk in your filings. Fax filing is available with or without expedite service. You can also file online, which is how we recommend.

Usually, normal filings (faxed or mailed) are processed by the state within 2-3 business days after they are received. But right now, processing times for paper filings are delayed. Expedited filings now take a week, and standard paper filings are currently being processed in 120 days.

Once registered to do business in New York, a biennial statement is due on the last day of the anniversary month of your original filing date. Biennial statements cost $9 and can be faxed in with a credit card or paid by check if mailed.

Upon signing up for our registered agent service, you’ll see all the necessary forms you need along with filing instructions to make filings in NY.


Foreign New York LLCs have a $250 state filing fee, and require you list a name and address for the New York Secretary of State to send legal notices to. Foreign New York corporations have a $225 state filing fee, and must have a New York registered agent.

When filing a certificate of authority as a foreign New York LLC or foreign corporation in New York, you will need to get a certificate of good standing (current within 1 year) from your home state. It needs to be an original copy unless filing by fax.

If you need help obtaining these, just respond to our thank you email after signing up for our services, and we’ll do our best to help you through the process.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you establish and maintain a company in New York

The odds are against you. Our goal is to help you, not be one more person asking for our piece. We hope you’ll find our services valuable, but if you desire to cancel our service there is never a cancellation fee and you can cancel at any time in your online account.