New York Mail Forwarding



Your mail comes here, to our building here in Albany.

  • Professional business address
  • Unique suite number
  • Same-day scans
  • Unlimited digital storage
  • Secure online account
  • Affordable prices
  • Efficient junk mail management
  • Privacy protection
If you’re planning a move or simply living life on the road, managing your business mail can be a real pain. The solution?

With New York Mail Forwarding, you can get access to all your business mail no matter where you are.


Get Me Mail Forwarding, Please!


Whether you get a ton of mail or just a few letters a year, we have a virtual mail package for you.

FREE (with
Agent Service)
Mail Forwarding
Base Package
Mail Forwarding
Virtual Office
NY Address with Unique Suite Number Address Only x x x
Unlimited Virtual Storage* x x x x
Safe Document Shredding x x x x
Junk Mail Filtering x x x x
Instant Digital Access to Mail x x x x
Phone Service 90-Day Free Trial 90-Day Free Trial 90-Day Free Trial x
Office Lease x
Document Limit 3 +10 +25 Unlimited
Conference Room Access x x x Option to Rent
Price FREE $49/year $99/year $19/month

*physical documents shredded after 60 days

  • Registered Agent Service includes all your state and legal mail, plus 3 free document scans per year of regular business mail.
  • Mail Forwarding document limits are in addition to your 3 free documents with RA Service (so that’s 13 documents with our Base Package and 28 documents with Premium).
Choose Your Mail Package


Our Mail Forwarding Service gives you a professional New York Business Address with a unique suite number where you can receive mail for your business. Your business mail will arrive at our office here in Albany, and we’ll scan each letter, then upload it to your secure online account. As soon as a new document is ready to view, you’ll receive an email notification.

We offer three full-service Mail Forwarding options, including our Virtual Office Service which gives you unlimited mail forwarding.


New York Mail Forwarding not only gives you an affordable way to collect business mail (without using your home address)—it’s reliable. When you get a business address from us, we don’t just hand you a P.O. Box or assign you a random house number in the middle of Yonkers (no offense, Yonkers)—we give you an actual address in a professional office building right here in the state capitol. How?

We own our building. That means we’re on solid ground here in Albany, and we’re here during normal business hours, five days a week. Because we’re here to receive your physical mail and upload it to your virtual mailbox, you can be wherever else you need (or want) to be.


Are you saying I never have to update my business address?

Yes! With our Mail Forwarding Service, you get our address PLUS a unique suite number for your business. That’s the address you can include on all your business documents (stationary, website, business cards), and it’s tied to the building where we’ll receive your mail. Have we mentioned we own our building? Probably. Because that’s how we’re able to offer you the stability of an address that doesn’t change. We’re here for good—and, as long as you’re with us, so are you.

Will Mail Forwarding help me keep my personal address private?

Definitely. Just as our Registered Agent Service allows you to use our address instead of yours for all state mail and legal notifications, mail forwarding allows you to use our address for your regular business mail, too.

Sign up for Mail Forwarding Service, and you can use our address for all your regular business mail.

What’s included with Mail Forwarding Service?

In addition to same-day scans to your online account, Mail Forwarding offers:

  • Professional business address
  • Unique suite number
  • Endless digital storage
  • Accessibility from anywhere
  • Efficient junk mail management
  • Privacy protection
  • Eco-friendly practices
  • Flexible billing
  • Local experts to answer your calls
What makes Mail Forwarding Service so good, huh?

We’re New Yorkers! No kidding. We live and work here, too, so we know what it takes to help businesses thrive in New York. We make it a priority to get things done fast so we don’t waste your time, and we keep our prices low so you can prioritize what’s important. Our competitors will bog you down with extra fees and services you don’t want or need. They’ll even sell your data to make a profit. With us, you pay one price upfront, and have the option to upgrade or cancel at any time—no hidden costs or fees.