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Free Credit Card Processing Consultation

Here’s the frustrating reality of the card network industry — small business owners rarely have the power or know-how to negotiate with payment processors for credit card processing services.

That’s why we offer our clients a free in-house phone consultation, including the option to sign up with a payment processor through us. We work with multiple payment processors and have the leverage to negotiate low rates on your behalf.

If you’re already a client, you can set up a free consultation through your online account. Otherwise, select the “Free Credit Card Processing Consultation” check-box when you sign up for our services and we’ll reach out to arrange a call.

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What’s Included in My Free Credit Card Processing Consultation?

  • Fast Service. We won’t waste your time. When you request your free consultation, we set up a phone call within a few business days, and we make that call count. We want you to start accepting credit card payments as soon as possible.
  • Expert Guidance. We know the ins and outs of the card payment industry, and we have the resources, contacts, and leverage to help you choose the right payment processor, negotiate low rates, and get you the processing tools your business needs to take payments.
  • More Options. We aren’t tied to one payment processor, and that means you’ll have options. If we can’t get you the deal you need with one processor, we’ll shop your account to a different processor instead. Whatever it takes.
  • A Free Quote. After we learn about your business’s processing needs, we’ll work up a rates package and a free quote that will appear in your online account. If you like what you see, you can accept the quote, and we’ll get the application process moving. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll touch base again and discuss your options.

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We have the experience and influence to get your business set up for accepting credit card payments at low rates. That means we can be your one-stop shop for registered agent service, forming a New York LLC, starting a New York corporation, and credit card processing.

What more is there to say? When you set up your Free Credit Card Processing Consultation, you’re under no obligation to get signed up, and we won’t share a shred of information about your business with any payment processors until you’re ready to apply.

No hassles. No risks. No strings attached. Just dedication and stellar service.

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Credit Card Processing FAQs

Why Bother Accepting Credit Card Payments?

It’s the 21st century and people are shopping online. They’re completing orders over the phone. Pretty soon, folks will walk in and out of most stores without ever even interacting with an employee face-to-face. That’s not to say your business will operate that way, but customers have come to expect options and expedience. That’s the business environment of today and the future, so finding the right deal to accept card payments is a step in the right direction.

What If I’m Already a Client? Can I Still Get a Free Consultation?

Of course! If you’re an existing client, simply request your free credit card processing consultation by logging into your online account.

Will You Be My Payment Processor?

No. We’ll be your connection to the payment processor. That means we’ll help you decide on the services and equipment your business needs, negotiate your rates and the terms of your merchant agreement, and help you complete and submit your application. Then, we will be your point-of-contact whenever you have questions about your account.

Who Will I Pay After I Sign Up with a Payment Processor?

Since your merchant agreement is between you and your payment processor, you will be paying the processor, not us. That doesn’t mean we aren’t involved in monitoring and maintaining your account, and it doesn’t mean that we don’t make money. It just means that you pay the processor for the services they provide you, and the processor handles our compensation, not you. Your processor will send you routine merchant statements periodically, and those statements detail the fees the processor deducted before transferring funds to your bank account.

Can’t I Just Deal with the Payment Processor Directly?

Yes. There’s nothing to stop you from going straight to the source, but when you do negotiate directly with a payment processor, you’ll still be dealing with an agent with the power to set your rates. That means you’re communicating directly with someone who’s likely motivated to offer you a package at higher rates to maximize their earnings.

How Will You Determine My Credit Card Processing Rates & Fees?

During your free phone consultation, we’ll discuss your business type, monthly sales, average transaction, and preferred payment methods to determine the rates best suited for your business.

While that’s all we’ll gather from your end, the card payment industry is an elaborate one rife with fees that vary wildly depending on the factors above. Our goal during your phone consultation is to really learn how your business operates — that way, we can figure out a way to get a low-cost rates package.